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Scarlet Siren is a, new-to-the-scene, melodic metal band from Corona, California who are incredibly serious about their musical endeavors. The band’s roots began with keyboard player, Rachel, and guitar player, who were an existing project, before. Vocalist, Fann, and second guitar player, Raul had come into that project, prior to leaving and beginning anew, creating music they felt in their heart needed a place in reality. The band really began to take off once they found bass player, Jared, and drummer, Dylan.

The band is releasing a new song very soon called “Lighthouse” as well as being their first music video. Fann, has always written songs that had more of a positive tone, but was advised to take a different route for this one, as sometimes life isn’t always so positive. “Lighthouse” has that darker tone in terms of what the story the song is conveying. As a band, working to get songs created has been a great collaborative experience in terms of how each individual gets along and brings something great to the table.

Each individual has such a unique background in music, which also has been a learning experience for the band. Katie and Rachel having the most extensive background, who also met in middle school, have been in bands together before and have been close friends ever since. They’re the main reason the band had a chance to form.

“Katie and I really wanted to do a project where we did the music we really wanted to do. Not that the music we did before was bad, it’s that we wanted to do the music that was in our guts and Fann and Raul were all for it, let’s make the project and the music that you want to do.”

“This is going to be the very first time we introduce the band as a whole, so instead of doing all this glitzy stuff and trying to make this gigantic story out of the song, we really just take the one song that truly represent who Scarlet Siren is and jus take the time to introduce us. It’s just going to be a bunch of live shots, we’re going to have pretty cool effects on the side and Raul does a really amazing guitar solo, so we’re going to really feature that part of it.”

At the moment, the group has two songs out, “Borderline” and “The Call”. For the future and year to come, Scarlet Siren intends to get into the studio and push out more music, put together a couple more music videos, even headline some shows. Overall, getting organized as a band to materialize their game plan is the primary goal for the upcoming year.

Don’t forget to go check out Scarlet Siren’s two singles out now, “Borderline” and “The Call” and be sure to keep up with the band as their song “Lighthouse” drops in the coming weeks.

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