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Jazz is a keyword for the fetal concept of young Jonah Kagen picking up a guitar for the first time and taking in so much inspiration from special individuals close to home. Music is something that is permanently ingrained in his blood, being the third generation to take on the art form. Jonah’s first-hand experience with music emanated from his grandfather who was in a fairly popular jazz band called The Offbeats. What truly ignited that spark in him was watching old videos of the band with his grandfather and discovering jazz guitarist, Danny Gatton. Being so mesmerized by his talents, he takes up jazz guitar, which is the gateway to his career in music.

Although jazz didn’t stick, he’s forever grateful for where it led him to on his musical journey. There’s something so mysterious about how music psychologically impacts us and unlocks for us emotionally. Reaching college after finding where his love of music lies, in acoustic guitar, Jonah became so fascinated with how music and psychology co-create responses in people.

“When I was in high school, I played this one song that I had written on the guitar. There were no vocals, no anything and I I think everybody was so surprised that I could even play because I never talked about it. Everybody reacted so powerfully, I had people tell me that I reminded them of somebody that passed away or made them go call their friend. It was all very overwhelming in the best way possible, and it was, I think, that moment was when I realized how powerful music was, psychologically speaking and when it comes to emotion.”

In Jonah’s released singles Catching a Dream and Drowning, we’re stepping into a world of fantasy and wondering how the music flows and generates in us, the beauty of escapism and retreating into your headspace, where it is safe. It simply regards going through times of burn-out, when you have so much weighing on you in the moment, you just need to remind yourself to step back and live in your head, forgetting about all your responsibilities to just let go.

Drowning is an important song that many of us can be in deep resonance with when finding yourself in a relationship with someone you have so much love for that puts wear and tear on your spirit. You come to realize that you’re faced with a decision that weighs heavy but is extremely important to make the right choice for your well-being.

“It’s a really gut-wrenching thing and that’s what the song is about. Having to let somebody go that you care about so much, but it’s for your own sake, otherwise you can’t continue to bear all of their burdens”

We invite you to give Jonah Kagen some support, love and encouragement by checking out his two latest singles, Catching A Dream and Drowning on major music platforms as well as catching up with Jonah himself via social media!

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