Most of us humans have experienced some form of overwhelming chaos, founder and songwriter from Colorado, Chris Watt of Fire Follows tells a story, in the band’s new single “Crimson Rose”, of facing the outer world having gone through obstacles and coming out guarded. The single takes us on a quest for growth as the first part of the song goes from shielding oneself from the world to going within and seeing more of the light, healing and overcoming. The music video accompanying Crimson Rose can be perceived in many ways and behind countless eyes, which is the beauty of music and other forms of art. This video is written from a woman’s perspective. Delicate as a rose, with thorns creating that vision of protection.
Chris: The chorus piece, “the thorns you hide beneath your leaves”, reminds the world, don’t get too close. What I was visualizing was a woman in the beginning, so there’s a female energy to it and it’s a woman that has experienced life in a number of different ways. So, there are these thorns that are a protective shielding, but you can’t walk through life with that being shown all the time. You have to mask it in some way shape or form to be functional, but it’s still in there and you have to guard it, which is essentially what that first chorus piece is about.
The second part of the song gets into growth and overcoming the obstacles being faced and almost like an awareness of what was being experienced in order to gravitate into healing from what was hurting and just letting down that guard and opening up. The last part of Crimson Rose is about being seen, understood and ultimately accepting the reasons for being in such a state of fear and maintaining that need to guard yourself from outside forces.
Chris: I think there is something so powerful about being seen.
At the start of Chris’ career in music he lent his vocals to another Colorado-based band where he was writing similar songs like Fire Follows. It was during this time he paralyzed a vocal cord that left him unable to speak on and off for nearly 10 years. He moved away from music and the scene as it was difficult to be around not being able to front bands and write music. Frustrated with the reality of not having the ability to put his all into the craft of writing and singing Chris veered a new direction for a while, diving into other endeavors. Inevitably, Chris came back stronger than ever after undergoing multiple surgeries resulting in a prosthetic vocal cord, reconnecting with a vocal coach to strengthen his voice and as an added dose of positivity he developed skills in piano, guitar and drums during his time away which a lot of us like to believe is a blessing in disguise, opening new doorways in his music career. Another beautiful perspective of Crimson Rose.
Fire Follows plan to release new singles throughout the year as well as hit the road very soon, but for now be sure to check out the music video for Crimson Rose!

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