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The Covid era has given us so much to be grateful for and be aware of. It granted musicians time to create and regrettably some vanished in the midst of it all. Hard rock band, Messer’s newest song release “Hope In This World” brings us even closer together when the world was seemingly on its last leg. It’s a message to always remind us of the hope to carry along with us when things go awry within us and within the outside world. Seeing as the citizens of our country have been exposed for the decisiveness that has been created leading up to the pandemic and during, especially. Being a band who has the platform and willingness to speak out, they took the opportunity to embark on healing the world through their music along with countless other musicians’ contributions.

Having equal access to the world, a select few try to maintain ways to take it for themselves and instill fear into the masses, but it’s not over and “Hope In This World” releases a positive feeling within us, giving us something good to focus our brains on.

“We saw a lot of division; we saw a lot of people pushing this narrative of divisiveness. As musicians, we understand the power of music and its ability to heal and bring people together and we thought about how to make a positive influence out of what we have been through and think about how to counteract all of the negative. The song is really a call to action, we’re literally saying, help us find hope in this world, let’s do this.”

Exclusively, in the music video for “Hope In This World” you hear a line, at the very start, before the song even begins, alluding to their words being this spark that causes a wildfire in us of hope and desire to lead us into the right direction.

Messer plays no games when it comes to being connected on a spiritual level. Their chosen logo, being sacred geometry’s, the flower of life, which holds many valuable, divine, meanings such as our existence, life on earth and the formation of the universe. It’s accompanied with the color yellow, which is seen and used in much of their social media, which signifies hope, positivity and happiness.

Maddox: “I’m all about keeping a nice balance in my life and a nice flow of energy. When we were coming up with how we were going to present Hope In This World, I looked at things and felt yellow is the color of hope, that’s why everything turns yellow on our social media.”

Hearing this song of hope truly engulfs you in that feeling of passion within this group of guys that are truly called to stir up a positive shift in the people they reach. Definitely be sure to check out the latest song and music video from Messer, “Hope In This World” available on most well-known music and social media platforms!

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