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Neska Rose is a very young, already accomplished 15-year-old who stands out from a crowd, gifting us with her unique words and music. Her single, Pick Me, was written at the start of 2021 where she was going headfirst into a big acting project with her emotions surrounding this big event going in many directions. It encompasses feelings of not belonging or being heard when in a very foreign position and though she successfully released those thoughts, she turned “Pick Me” into a music video. The project was a family affair since it had been produced by her mom, directed by her stepdad as well as working closely with her twin sister, Libi Rose who was the focal point.

Music isn’t her only focus, Neska continues to wow us with how she manages her time with the projects she has going on. Having worked on a show for Nickelodeon to working on songs, preparing for a role in a limited series, going to school and making time for herself, this young multi-faceted artist gracefully goes through her day and seizes every moment.

“It’s usually school and then some sort of voice lesson or guitar lesson, it’s just a bunch of jamming out and reading books, listening to music, absorbing the world and then usually going to acting classes in the evening and that’s a chill day. If I’m not working, that’s usually what I do.”

The way she conjures up a song is that it simply comes to her all at once, when it’s that time of day to pick up the guitar, the idea usually flows. Looking at other artists, they would either come up with a lyric or melody first, but Neska goes into songwriting as a way of having fun with it and jamming until the song is created.

“I never set an intention of what I actually want to write about unless it’s very urgent and need to let it out

The 15-year-old has always been around music of quality taste with a liberating sense of direction and structure in her life. So, from an even younger age she already was introduced to musical artists like The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, and Alicia Keys, to name a few.

Being originally from Israel and before relocating to the states, Neska and her sister had begun their creative path, but it was in the U.S. where they really knew that the entertainment industry was where they belonged.

“In Israel we started doing the whole creative stuff, we took ballet classes and I started playing guitar… I remember our grandma also pushed a lot of Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand, you know, the classics. We were influenced by everyone in our family.”

Go show some love and support to multi-talented artist, Neska Rose, by checking out her newest single “Pick Me” as well as her other catchy original tunes on her YouTube channel. You’ll see other amazing songs like Stupid Ideas and Copy & Paste.

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