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We are much more than physical beings, there are certain unique paths we take to be of service to others and spread a message we feel ignites the fire in someone or a collective of individuals. The true definition of Ignescent falls in line with creating a spark and that is precisely what this band does for their listeners. In touch with her spirituality, front woman, Jennifer Benson sets fire a powerful message on the band’s four song EP with song Remnant where she belts her heart out, highlighting an unforgettable experience in our lifetime due to the covid pandemic. Through all the losses, people falling ill and passing on as well as the suffering of bands and music altogether as live music withered away in the live scene with covid’s interference. Musicians really took a big hit with people quitting bands and bands as a whole, disbanding.

With Jennifer’s lyrical magic accompanied with the band’s fierce performance of single, Remnant, that dropped back in January, a prominent message of hope to our unique stories surrounding the impact shook us in the best possible way. Remnant means to remain, it means to stand tall through devastating tragedy and these words remind us that we’re all connected, we have each other’s backs and to keep fighting.

Like most musicians in the scene, the time within the two years of Covid took a pivotal role in the band’s creative process of their EP and steered focus on writing material, recording and birthing music videos for songs Remnant and Exodus. It allowed Ignescent room to prepare for when it is officially time to get back out there and playing shows in the flesh again. The band also had the opportunity to work with Cameron Pierce Mizell who has worked with bands like Memphis May Fire and Sleeping with Sirens as well as producer and mix engineer Nick Radovanovic who lent his talents to help mix in and edit a ballad, written by the band called Anymore.

NC: Tell us about the EP, what does it mean to you guys and what was the thought process behind it.

Jennifer: A lot of the message was what the world was going through and honestly, I struggled during that time. I mean, we all did, but I was kind of depressed and the world was upside down and wanted to get my thoughts and emotions out and music is a great way to do that. I also wanted to encourage others, like I had mentioned before, that there is hope, this is not the end, let’s keep going. That was a lot of the message.

Show Ignescent some love by supporting the band on major music and social platforms. We’re also thrilled to invite listeners to check out, the beautifully written and performed anthem of the highly anticipated music video of their single, Remnant. The entire four-song EP, Ascension, will be available March 4th.

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