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Princess goes to the butterfly museum

The Princess goes to the Butterfly museum is Music your soul can dance to. In life we hear a song and our bodies can’t help but move our feet and do our best to try and dance. You see this throughout life and you see this throughout different cultures. You can also see this through a child’s eyes. You see children who can barely walk using the living room table to bounce up and down just by hearing music, without having any reference to what music is. It’s almost as if music opens something in our minds or soul and I feel Princess goes to the Butterfly Museum does this for me.

Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum is comprised of vocalist, lyricist, musician and actor Michael C. Hall (Dexter, Six Feet Under, Hedwig and the Angry Inch), drummer Peter Yanowitz (The Wallflowers, Morningwood) and keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen (Blondie).The band released their debut full-length album, THANKS FOR COMING, earlier this year which was preceded by their self-titled EP. Both received rave reviews from Rolling Stone, Billboard, Paper, Alternative Press, Associated Press, Consequence of Sound, People, American Songwriter, Magnet, FLOOD, Forbes, Huffington Post, NME, Line of Best Fit, The Independent, Entertainment Tonight. The trio eschews traditional rock instrumentation in favor of stripped-down synthesizer-and-drum attack, and a wealth of disparate influences flow into Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum’s songs – the glam, experimental, ambient music of David Bowie, Giorgio Moroder’s ‘70s disco productions for Donna Summer, ‘80s new wave dance music, contemporary electronic dance acts like Justice. A theatrical sensibility is part of the trio’s DNA, especially in live shows, having met several years ago on Broadway during the production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Thanks For Coming “Is just us appreciating the artist in each of us and appreciating what we bring out of each other.” says Matt Katz-Bohen

Princess goes to the Butterfly Museum also has a brand new video out supporting the new album. The song is called “Tomorrows Screams” and it is a true masterpiece, (from the sense it is so simple but so powerful) the synth sets the tone for the song bringing me back to the early 90s, the shots in the video are very pure and innocent. It’s almost my exact childhood. The scene takes place in a deserted wooded aren, where the band is just being themselves and a childhood version of themselves as well. As the video goes on my heart begins to warm and my childhood seems to be in the distant future, almost as if I am anticipating a rebirth for myself. The song truly unlocks a part of my brain and memories I hadn’t thought of in years, from walking around in the forest throwing rocks in the creek and climbing trees. I could almost smell the area while watching the video.

“I laid in bed with headphones on one night and listened to the song on loop for hours until I fell asleep, just letting my subconscious work it out, jotting down feelings, impressions and visuals as they came,” said Director and Cinematographer Lexie Moreland. “The toothpaste and silly string moments were ones that occurred to me in that way, via a kind of dream state, and I felt they would work with my vision of each of the guys being on a solo, as well as a collective, journey. And then the apple became the unifying symbol, an image that would connect an overall feeling of disconnection, which is really the emotional tone that I felt being communicated by the song. I chose the apple because it’s visually lovely, and it’s also an homage to Magritte’s famous self-portrait ‘The Son of Man.’I like that as a somewhat subliminal reference since the song, like all songs, is also of course a self-portrait.” says producer Lexie Moreland.

Princess goes to the Butterfly museum is beautiful art that has a familiar sound as if I had known every song before hearing it. This is music for your soul, and please forgive me if this sounds blasphemy but it’s in the same vein as religious praise music. Princess goes to the Butterfly Museum is a wild psychedelic ride that could be reminiscent of Pink Floyd and I believe the world needs more of this band. With influences from Sabbath to Bowie you can’t go wrong.We here at No Cover Magazine want to encourage all of our listeners no matter the genre of music you may be into, to follow these guys and check them out. Princess goes to the Butterfly Museum, and can be found anywhere you consume your music.



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