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At some point we yearn for nostalgia, we revisit music that is instilled in our DNA as we grow in our youth, it’s what takes hold and molds us into who we are in this day. “Giving Up” the new single by up-and-coming artist, Teddy Grossman gracefully compels you to take a second glance at what decade we are in. His classic mashup of 60s and 70s R&B and soul with the help of supporting musical comrades, faithfully generates an authentic familiarity of lost love through, seemingly, the eyes of Bill Withers and Otis Redding and other well-versed keepers of the trade. There’s an intense power in leading listeners to travel back in time in this modern day and age.

“Giving Up” tells a simple story of falling in love with someone who doesn’t quite meet that mutuality. A heavy dose of unrequited love coupled with exceptional effort to create a one-sided balance to the shared romance and ultimately resulting in walking away from the connection. It’s a beautifully constructed soulful piece that’ll make you feel the urge to dance through heartbreak.

Not only does the music itself influence the talent we witness through the song and on the record as a whole, there is also a sense of spirituality that plays a definitive role in his creative process. Being a Jewish kid, growing up, once upon a time, in the Philadelphia suburbs with a fond love of hip hop and jazz he happily commences early memories of attending church services and having that initial affection towards the music within the sacred walls of a church.

“It’s interesting because at an early age I had a couple of experiences of being in a Baptist or Gospel church and feeling like, holy shit, this is the closest thing to source I’ve ever felt”

He knew his path, naturally, his entire existence on this planet was to be involved in music, having perpetually gone through life questioning, nearly doubting his place in the community. It took much residence to the thought of making a living doing the one thing that brought joy and contentment to finally face it and take the plunge by relocating to a place where dreams really do come true. A good, solid headspace with saturating trust and belief, but also to Los Angeles, where he currently resides waiting to release his full-length album “Soon Come”.

“On this record, which is really a group of songs, written over five years ago, where I’m living in New York, having. A job and feeling totally disconnected from the thing that I love and lights me up. The yearning and transition from moving here to leaving my job to making the record is why the album is called Soon Come. It’s a notion of hope connecting to my story and tapping into the spiritual realm as it relates to my journey.”

March 11th marks the debut of Teddy Grossman’s record, “Soon Come” so get a glimpse of the album with his song “Giving Up” which is available to your ears, now!

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