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New Orleans natives and veteran musicians of sludge metal band, Crowbar, are thrilled to share with us, their next moves in music after an extensive two years of the Covid Pandemic. It is certain that these guys are prepared to finally release their newest and highly anticipated album “Zero and Below” that has been withheld since the initial beginning of the pandemic, the album being completed in February of 2020. These music pioneers who have been at it since ’89 had a tough decision on their hands either to release the album or wait out this period of time to which nobody had answers to. Withdrawing back from release proved to be a difficult time for these guys as they believed in the work that went into the project, having all of this time to revisit the album countless times, everyone unanimously agrees that Zero and Below is perfect and wouldn’t change a lyric or a chord to any listed song. Now, a solid two years later the band is about to hit the road for tour, back into the thick of it.

Conversing with Kirk Windstein, lead vocalist and guitar player, Crowbar uniquely stands out in the sense that they have people in their fan base who look to their music during times of despair. Their sound isn’t to be muddled in with stereotypical lyrics containing words of self-loathing and distaste. They have a mission to play heavy as well as spread a positive message to their listeners.

Kirk: “back in the early 90s people would write me long letters about how they have gone through a really dark period in their life and how the music really helped them get through it, survive, and move forward. It’s a strong thing when you can make a difference in someone’s life and change it for the better for them and because of that I like to be careful with what I write about. I like to be careful with what I say and make sure that I’m doing what I can to help.”

A piece of knowledge that Kirk wished to have known in the prime of his experience in the music industry is truly understanding how ruthless, unapologetically cutthroat and difficult the business is. It has drastically changed throughout the years, especially moving into an era of streaming and playing music in our cars through our smartphones.

Although, the reality is what it’s become we can thankfully appreciate the comeback of the vinyl record that gives musicians a chance to sell hard copies of their work and some of us a chance to escape into a world of nostalgia when we had record stores to go to.

Kirk: “I honestly feel bad for the younger generation. They don’t get to do the things I did, like going to a record store and hang out for hours, listening to music.”

Be sure to check out Crowbar’s newest album “Zero and Below” and show your support by streaming the album on Spotify as well as keeping up with the band via Instagram!

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