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Punk in Drublic

Punk in Drublic, no I am not talking about the fifth studio album by Punk Rock icons NOFX. I am talking about the amazing festival coming to a town near you in America or Europe Spring and Summer 2022. Punk in Drublic is a festival created by festival promoter and craft beer enthusiast more god than man Cameron Collins and NOFX’s front man and Punk Rock royalty the man himself Fat Mike. Well what makes Punk in Drublic so amazing? What makes Punk in Drublic better than any other festival going on this Summer/Spring?

Free Beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do I have your attention now? Each festival date will feature up to three hours of craft beer tastings showcasing an impressive selection of craft beers, including some of the region’s best and local favorites. It amazes me how much detail goes into something at this festival. Cameron Collins and his small team really put effort into the little things, coming to specific towns and investing in their community. At each stop along the festival the festival reaches out to local vendors, local breweries, and local music talent. With the cherry on top being amazing acts including NOFX, Lagwagon, Pennywise, and Face to Face just to name a few. Did I mention Free Beer? You get a cup and for three hours you can go to any local brew station and get a cup of your favorite booze or if you just want to taste a few you can do that too.

“We were doing an event in San Diego called ScallyWag and we had made an offer to NOFX to play and we had Bad Religion to help support and we had no idea it was gonna happen or if it could. That lineup is like a dream team you know. It was a huge step and huge rung to have climbed, well when we were doing this I was thinking we definitely have to do more of these because I am literally living my dreams. This is the genre of music I like and I love craft beers and I do beer events. So we pitched it to Big Mike of NOFX, the original idea was 21 bands, 21 breweries, 21 and over and Big Mike said he hated it. Big Mike said, “I love free beer, and I love the breweries but 21 bands fuck thats a lot.” So we revisited the idea after Scallywag and just tweaked it a little bit and poof we have Punk in Drublic” Recalls Cameron Collins.

Sunday March 27th it goes down in Ventura. Local beer, local music, and one big party featuring Pennywise, NOFX, Lagwagon, Face to Face, Ill Repute, Dr. Know, TSOL, and Bad Cop Bad Cop. The most amazing punk lineup non Warped Tour I have ever seen. We ask all of our No Cover family and supporters to go support this event as it’s not just an event it’s an experience. This experience supports everything local and is an amazing event that a true punk rock fan can’t miss. If you can’t make it to Ventura please check out PUNKINDRUBLIC.COM to see when Punk in Drublic is in your town.

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